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For Victims

You may need help if you are in a relationship with a pastor. Is he/she counseling you? Is he/she married? Are they in a position of authority over you?  Is there something that just doesn’t seem right? Is he claiming to be your spiritual husband? Is this relationship hurting you?

Our team of volunteers includes counselors, lawyers, and former victims from every walk of life. We will listen and help you expose the perpetrator! Please e-mail us at

Reach out directly:



Getting help from within a church: Contact your local church administration office and ask for the policy on how the church addresses sexual misconduct with pastors and church workers. Often churches will want you to come in and tell your story. They will also typically have an attorney present and will not advise you to bring one. They will drag out the process without removing the pastor or worker while they “conduct a thorough investigation”. Often this drags out so that the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit is exceeded.

Getting help through the legal system:  There may be criminal statutes or “tort” law that applies to your situation. Have you been raped? Is the pastor or church worker acting as your counselor? If so, depending on the state, criminal laws may apply. Contact a local attorney that specializes in clergy sexual abuse or e-mail us at and we can help direct you to experienced professionals that will be able to give you guidance.

For Churches

Are you tired of spending God’s tithe and offering money to pay for lawsuits? Is your denomination haunted with accusations of sexual misconduct by pastors and other church workers?

Now is the time for YOU to take a leadership stand. It is time for you to pick up the whip and overturn the tables and say “not in our church and not on our watch!”

When there are accusations are you following the denomination policy on sexual misconduct? Does your church have one? Are you shuffling pastors with questionable histories from church to church? Do you even do a background check on your potential pastors, elders, deacons, and other church workers? Do you have a taskforce to address sexual misconduct?

e-mail us at

Help for Churches

For Pastors and Church Workers

Are you a pastor or church worker that is abusing one of your church members?





You are destroying the heart and jeopardizing the soul of God’s children. Your victims are confused and depressed. Many victims of clergy sex abuse are suicidal.

STOP! Get Help!

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Help for Pastors and Church Workers

What We Do:

This is a website for victims of sexual abuse from pastors and leaders in their churches BY victims of sexual abuse from pastors and leaders of their churches. We are a voice for those who often have no voice. Churches stifle those that would tell the truth by guilt and protectionism. We will not hide in the shadows and we will do all we can to stop this abuse on our watch.